Joshua Kline
Owner and Operator of The Vac Shop Mount Vernon Ohio


Profile picI started working at age nine at my father’s Subway Restaurants doing preps and filling peoples cups with cola.    Also as I grew older I continued every summer working in the back room of the store as well as front line cash register and other operations of our shop.    Also in the late 90′s we got into building houses and learned my mechanical skills through swinging a hammer and other trades that we could do as a family efficiently.   During High school I was also a member of the local Swim Team became a captain and went to Nationals for swimming.  I was also a member of National Honor Society, president of Key Club International, and member of the local Future Farmers of America.   It was through these experiences and organizations that led me to college where I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Cincinnati.   While also maintaining a full Ride my senior year being a member of the varsity swim team and involved in numerous clubs and organizations my last 2 years of college.   My senior project consisted of making a recon robot that the swat team could deploy in 30 seconds, less then 35lbs, could maneuver up and down steps, 2 way communication, and wireless while maintaining a less then 5000 dollar budget.   All of which was achieved and more.  When I graduated that year I returned to my home town Mount Vernon where we had two houses left to build in our sub division and promised to help my father finish those.   If you haven’t noticed already I have no vacuum experience up to this point except the Kirby my dad used to make me use to vacuum the carpets and would yell at me and my brother for not doing it right.  I hated vacuuming to be honest.   Which brings me to how I came to this business.   In February before I graduated college I was trying to think of business’s to get into after I graduated.   I already knew I never wanted to work for a corporation.  In most cases Engineers have a shelf life, being two years at major corporations use your brain and ideas and then out with you with the next smart person.   Or in my case I’d like to get high up in management where at 29.5 years I’d be looking at retirement and they wouldn’t want to pay my pensions so here’s a nice golden parachute with some options and basically fire you nicely.   So I knew I wanted to take things into my own hands.   I thought about opening a vacuum store, they were very mechanical in my mind and it was a retail concept which I kind of understood business and retail being raised in that environment.    Plus I was looking for things my town might not had or niche’s.   Well our town had one…  So I gave up on that idea in February at least I thought.   During the summer after I graduated while getting supplies for the bathrooms we ran into The Vac Shop owner.  Got talking and his business was for sale.  He was 60 and having health problems and health insurance was eating the store alive so he wanted to make a move on getting out before the business went bankrupt.   So 15 days after meeting him for the first time I signed paperwork to buy my first store and business.   In another 15 days I did something that most would freak out about I moved the store to a new location.   I knew nothing about how to sell a vacuum, I knew nothing about how to repair a vacuum.  All I knew were numbers and that I had payments to make so I better learn quick.    Well I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now.  My store is 1800 sqr feet, I operate in a town of 14,000 people with 75,000 county wide.  I have Point of Sale tracking of all my inventory and computer based shop.   Vacuum manufactures I deal with consist of Simplicity, Miele, Sebo, Dyson, Royal, Panasonic, Pro Team, Carpet Pro, Bissell, Hoover, Rainbow, Kirby and I think that’s it.  I also feature add on’s like BONA hardwood floor system, Wool Shop Dusters, Freshwave, and Simplicities Rental Program Extractor.   It’s been one heck of a ride I’ve learned so many things that I even incorporate into my own daily life.   My passion or goals is of course to eventually own a few locations but as a wise man told me once always stay diversified so I do other things in tandem with the store.   I’ve had a pretty successful operation here especially in such a rough economy and can’t wait to see what is to come in the future.